How can a realtor help you in your house hunting?

Finding your own home might be a challenging time. For some people, house hunting is all fun, exciting, and a great time spent looking, searching, evaluating, balance everything to support the final decision. On the flip side, looking for a house in Vancouver, North Van and West Van might be a real nightmare and extremely overwhelming. 

No matter which personality you recognize yourself, house hunting is a big deal, and it requires lots of preparation, planning, patience, and an experienced real estate agent to support your process and help to make the right decision. Moreover, it is important to know, be prepared, and remember all the items that are “deal breakers” and “deal with” when looking for your own house. Let’s take a look at them. 

Knowing your deal breaker 

To start, what is a deal-breaker? A deal breaker is any item or condition about the house listed that doesn’t match your requirements, or cannot be changed, or even would be expensive to renovate going way out of your budget. 

For example, if you find a house in North Van or West Van  that matches most of your requirements, but it’s too close of a busy street, this might be a deal breaker in your house hunting. The sound of traffic and all the dangers that a busy road might potentially have for kids, for instance, might be something that will impact your decision. 

Another example of deal breaker can be an old roof. When visiting the house, take a close look at the ceiling, looking for any signs of mold, leaking, or ripped shingles. Depending on the extension of the problem, an old roof will require considerable investment and a chunk of your budget to renovate it. 

What is a “deal with”? 

On the other hand, a “deal with” is any item or characteristic in the home that you can live with it, or even you can invest some part of your budget in renovating and fixing it, making the new house your home sweet home.     

For instance, you found a house close to your dream home, but all the rooms have carpet. It might cost you some money to get rid of them and replace for hardwood floor, but it might be an investment that you can afford and go with it to have your own house. 

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