Is House For Sale by Owner Worth It?

To buy or sell a house by yourself might be tempting from the perspective to save money and keep all the sale return with you. Going solo in this journey has its advantages and drawbacks, but most importantly, it is vital to find out if this is for you. To help to figure out, let’s take a look at these factors to consider before going outside in your house searching.

Pros of selling your home by yourself

You might sale your house by yourself if you don’t need to make a lot of money on it. If you’re selling your home for any personal reason that does not require you to maximize this sale opportunity, you can deal with the negotiation alone. You might eliminate sales broker commissions and fees, and keep all the money that you can make.

While it is attractive to eliminate the realtor in this process, on the flip side, real estate expert has all the knowledge, practice and access to valuable resources that can help you get a better price.

Another common situation of selling by yourself is when you already have one buyer. This is the dreamed situation for any seller, having someone ready to go to buy your home. In this case, it’s much easier for you make the deal without any consultant or external help once you skipped all the process of staging, advertising, showing your home, and negotiating with potential buyers.

When you might need a real estate help

Counting on a real estate expert might be an excellent idea when selling your home if you lack sales experience. To sell a home requires tons of experience once it’s highly specialized work. Real estate professionals need to be licensed for a reason – they are skilled and well prepared to make the best deal for you, selling your home efficiently, as profitable as possible, and safe.

Another situation that you might need a professional to help to sell your home is when you have a deadline to sell your home, which, to be fair, it’s what happens most of the time. To list, advertise, take all the prospective buyers' calls, and schedule all the visits, it’s a full-time job. To handle all this overwhelming process and still make the best deal for you requires an experienced realtor to deal with it.

Potential property sellers and buyers need someone they can trust to help them to make the best deal possible. If you are interested in buying or selling luxury real estate in North Vancouver or West Vancouver, you can count on Amir Miri, Vancouver’s leading realtor in the luxury market, with many years of experience. For more information, contact Amir at 604-657-5030