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Buying and Selling in Vancouver During the Winter

Posted on Jan 29, 2020 in West Vancouver Realtor

Did you know that winter is a great to buy or sell your house? Even though winter it’s a harsh time for many of us, it’s actually a great time of the year to go for your house hunting once offers in the market might be low which increases your bargain power. Moreover, as a buyer you will face less competition and avoid the bidding wars and even int...

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New Year, New Home!

Posted on Jan 22, 2020 in West Vancouver Realtor

Every beginning of year brings lots of new resolutions, goals, and dreams. Buying or selling your home might be one of them. It’s a decision that involve many factors which you need to decide on and consider before making your decision. Some people decide to start the new year’s resolutions right away, and the beginning of the year couldn’t be the...

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Is House For Sale by Owner Worth It?

Posted on Dec 12, 2019 in West Vancouver Realtor

To buy or sell a house by yourself might be tempting from the perspective to save money and keep all the sale return with you. Going solo in this journey has its advantages and drawbacks, but most importantly, it is vital to find out if this is for you. To help to figure out, let’s take a look at these factors to consider before going outside in yo...

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How can a realtor help you in your house hunting?

Posted on Dec 09, 2019 in West Vancouver Realtor

Finding your own home might be a challenging time. For some people, house hunting is all fun, exciting, and a great time spent looking, searching, evaluating, balance everything to support the final decision. On the flip side, looking for a house in Vancouver, North Van and West Van might be a real nightmare and extremely overwhelming. 

No matter wh...

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What Features toConsider When Buying your Home in Vancouver

Posted on Nov 20, 2019 in West Vancouver Realtor

When buying a house everyone has different priorities and wishes. It might be exhausting and timely to get the perfect home. This makes the process daunting and challenging thus easily to be discouraged and off track.

Make a List

Having a list of your priorities is a wise way to help you to keep in mind what it’s important to you to have in your drea...

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How to make the best deal of buying or selling home with a realtor in Vancouver

Posted on Nov 06, 2019 in West Vancouver Realtor

To buy or sell a home is a delicate decision in life which involves many factors and most importantly, a relatively high amount of investment. For these reasons, considering to have askilled and experienced realtor to provide professional guidance from the market perspective is a great strategy and is really helpful when it comes to buying or selli...

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