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Vancouver Downtown - In The Center of Commerce and Entertainment

Shopping for a luxurious home in one of Canada’s most sought after cities can be overwhelming. From picking the ideal location to finding the style of home that fits your style and budget, house hunting in Vancouver is no small feat. Don’t leave your future to chance. Invest in the right downtown Vancouver realtor who can help narrow down your search and find you that perfect property.

With years of experience, specifically in upscale downtown real estate, AMIR MIRI PREC* Vancouver’s go-to luxury North & West Vancouver Realtor. From his knowledge of the city to his devotion to his clients, AMIR MIRI PREC* is the Downtown Vancouver luxury real estate agent you want to call if you’re in the market to buy – or sell – a home.

Downtown Vancouver - Combination of Convenience, Entertainment & Luxury

The core of downtown Vancouver is known for its booming nightlife, wide array of restaurants and slews of popular shops and boutiques. Robson and Granville are the streets shoppers will adore! Just north, you’ll find the Financial District. Young professionals can find everything they need, from work to home to fun, all in the city’s elite downtown centre.

With a seemingly unlimited number of amenities and conveniences, the downtown Vancouver area is a hotspot for homebuyers. This cosmopolitan city has much to offer everyone, from young professionals to affluent individuals who want to be in the middle of all the entertainment that Vancouver has to offer.

What are Some of the Main Attractions Vancouver Downtown Has to Offer?

Vancouver Downtown offers a wide range of attractions and amenities that is hard to find elsewhere in the world. Popular landmarks and amenities within walking distance from downtown Vancouver include:

●    Rogers Arena - Home of the Canucks Hockey team
●    BC Place Stadium - Home of the Whitecaps and BC Lions, and a favourite venue for large concerts and events
●    Roundhouse Theatre - The place to go for everything art and theatre-related in the city. Museum buffs will love this spot.
●    BC Sports Hall of Fame Museum - Sports buffs won’t want to miss out on this epic hall of fame.
●    Sunset Bay Beach and English Bay Beach - Yes, that’s two beaches just near downtown alone!
●    Vancouver Art Gallery - home to one of the largest collections of contemporary art

Downtown Vancouver also has the following attractions for anyone likes exercise and is physically active:

●    The Seawall - Not just a scenic view, the Seawall is also a great location for those looking to keep fit. The bike path around the Seawall harbours stunning views that make staying fit outdoors an absolute pleasure.
●    Stanley Park - nature’s beauty at the doorstep. Stanley Park is a 405-hectare public park surrounded by Burrard Inlet and English Bay. Features stunning views and numerous hiking trails.
●    Emery Barnes Park - With tons of greenspace, this is a great place for city dwellers to cram in some fitness outdoors.
●    George Wainborn Park - Located right alongside the water, it’s hard to believe this picturesque park is so close to the city’s downtown core.
●    Grouse Mountain - The closest mountain to downtown Vancouver, it takes city dwellers just 15 minutes to sneak away to this prime spot for both winter and summer sports. From extreme mountain biking to snowboarding, there is an endless list of activities to enjoy and Grouse Mountain.

In addition to the above, Vancouver also has a vibrant nightlife:

●    Gastown - What started with a single tavern way back when is now a hot spot for the city’s active nightlife scene. From the cobblestone roads to the renowned restaurants and pubs, this quaint and vibrant part of the city is a popular spot.
●    Yaletown - From shopping to fine dining to terraces, this vibrant part of the city is home to  a busy nightlife scene. Close to the action, this is a part of the city you want to be close to.
●    Parq Casino - Located right in the core of downtown, this casino resort is home to hotels, fine restaurants and of course, casinos!
●    With an array of ethnic cuisine available all over the city, downtown Vancouver is a reflection of its people. Expect to find international cuisine on every street corner, ready to satisfy any cravings you may have.

Why is Vancouver Downtown a Popular Place to Live?

Whether you are looking for big city entertainment, good job opportunities, partying or nature, Downtown Vancouver really does “have it all”. In addition to the many attractions in or around downtown, Vancouver’s vibrant economy has many lucrative job opportunities. Over the years, many professionals have flocked to Vancouver to take advantage of the strong job market. Thus, it is no surprise that Vancouver has consistently been considered as one of the top places to live in the world!

What Types of Homes are on the Vancouver Downtown Housing Market?

Luxury condo apartments are hot on the luxury realty market in downtown Vancouver. You can find anything from a brand new 3-bedroom condo to a pre-loved a bedroom apartment:

●    Condos/apartments - Ideal for young professionals, high end condos make up a large part of the housing market in downtown Vancouver.
●    Loft - Anyone looking for a more upscale home will love the open and inviting atmosphere of a spacious, downtown Vancouver loft apartment.
●    Penthouses - The luxury market includes elite penthouses, ideal for those looking for maximum space and luxury in a favourable part of the city.
●    Townhouses - With gorgeous balconies and backyard living space, downtown Vancouver’s luxurious townhouse selection is ideal for those who want to be in the centre of the action but still love entertaining.

Your lifestyle and your budget will likely dictate what property works best for you, but the goal of hiring a luxury realtor is to make sure you are getting the absolute most for every dollar you spend.

Thinking of Downtown Vancouver Home For Your Next Move?

The real estate market can be confusing at times and can be overwhelming for both buyers and sellers. How can you be sure you aren’t overpaying for a home or underselling your property? What are the best areas in downtown and which areas should you avoid? No matter what questions you have, Amir is the realtor to go to for concrete and honest answers.

With many years of experience helping buy and sell downtown Vancouver real estate, Amir knows the downtown Vancouver market well. Whether you are a buyer looking to land your dream home or seller looking to crystalize your gains, you should definitely speak with Amir. His deep and intimate understanding of the downtown Vancouver market sets him apart as the realtor of-choice for the area.