Vancouver Westside

Vancouver Westside luxury real estate - Vancouver Westside Realtor AMIR MIRI PREC*
Vancouver Westside luxury real estate - Vancouver Westside Realtor AMIR MIRI PREC*

Vancouver Westside
An Upscale Community You’ll Want to Call Home

Vancouver Westside is the most upscale neighbourhood inside the City of Vancouver. The area has many strengths and attracts a community of highly affluent and established professionals, business owners and retirees. Many families choose to live in Vancouver Westside due to its beautiful scenery, quieter neighbourhoods, amazing amenities and a great location from downtown. While homes in Vancouver Westside are at a higher price point compared to the rest of the city, many homebuyers aspire and flock to live in the neighbourhood due to its many strengths.

Amir Miri is your go-to luxury realtor in Vancouver. His expertise and drive to continuously surpass the expectations of his clients are what sets him apart from other local realtors. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell a home in Vancouver Westside, you want a realtor who knows the market and the area. Amir Miri has many years of experience in the area and is the perfect realtor to represent you if you want to buy or sell in this upscale neighbourhood.


Vancouver Westside - Best Amenities in a Great Location

Vancouver Westside is the most sought after neighbourhood in Vancouver because of its natural beauty and close proximity to Vancouver Downtown. People who live in Vancouver Westside have the best of everything - manicured parks, golf courses, shopping and entertainment, endless running trails, and access to the ocean and beach. Being adjacent to downtown makes Vancouver Westside the place to be for many established professionals and business owners. Amir understands the mindset of homeowners and buyers who aspire to live the area - making him the perfect realtor to represent you in buying or selling Vancouver Westside real estate.

What are Some of the Attractions in Vancouver Westside?

Vancouver Westside offers many different types of attractions. From shopping to scenery, Vancouver Westside is rich in beauty, convenience, and entertainment. Amir is keen on the development of many neighbourhoods in Vancouver Westside.

Vancouver Westside is home to some of the best restaurants and pubs in the city. From West Coast cuisine to fusion, the city’s many restaurants will have something that suits your tastes. Popular areas of entertainment and restaurants include:

  West 4th - Known as the city’s largest upscale shopping destination, West 4th Avenue is home to designer shops and fancy bistros. Located near McBride Park, this popular spot is a beautiful sight to see.

 Kerrisdale - With a fine selection of eateries, bars, pubs, ethnic cuisines and shops, this high-end part of town is nothing short of luxurious. The popular amenities and picturesque homes make this ritzy area a true gem.

  Granville Island –  scenic views of the marina. A popular spot for tourists, the Granville marina is not only a gorgeous sight to see but also a foodie’s paradise. With a wide selection of bars, pubs, restaurants and bistros, not to mention the local farmer’s market, this hot spot is ideal for those with an appetite for fine cuisine, culture and of course, a love of shopping boutiques.

Vancouver Westside is the home to many of the city’s finest outdoor attractions:

   Queen Elizabeth Park: This beautiful 130-acre park overlooking the city, boasts a botanical garden,  indoor and  outdoor garden spaces, and picture-perfect ponds. From the cherry blossom gardens to the incredible views from atop its peak, this park is unparalleled.

   VanDusen Botanical Garden: Whether it’s the annual Festival of Lights in the winter, or the manicured greenery and colourful blossoms, this botanical garden does not feel as though it’s even close to a metropolitan city. The serene setting and incredible landscapes are part of the city’s natural charm.

     Jericho Beach and Kitsilano Beach: There are several beaches around this part of town, including these beautiful locations. With the natural sandy beaches and scenic views overlooking the water, it’s hard to believe they are located so close to the city.

  Golf courses: The Langara Golf Course and Marine Drive Golf Course are just some of the superior greenspaces you’ll find on the Vancouver Westside. There is no better way to enjoy the serene landscapes of Vancouver Westside than on one of the area’s finest golf courses.

For any outdoor enthusiasts who like to run, walk or cycle, Vancouver Westside is home to numerous long and uninterrupted trails that is hard to find in a metropolitan city:

     False Creek: Separating downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city, False Creek is a beautiful location. You can take a ferry along the creek to enjoy the scenic urban landscape even more.

     Trails along Point Grey along Burrard Inlet: Connected to False Creek, this trail follows along the beaches. Providing a gorgeous view of the city’s beautiful waters and shores, this trail is also a convenient walkway for local residents.

     Pacific Spirit Park: Vancouver Westside has direct access to UBC’s Pacific Spirit Park featuring numerous running forest and road trails, perfect for the long-distance runners.

Vancouver Westside is also home to some of the best secondary schools in Vancouver. These elite institutions allow children to participate and engage in a community of high achievers. These schools include St. George’s, St. John’s Little Flower Academy, West Point Grey, just to name a few. Placement in these schools is highly coveted.

Thinking of Moving to Vancouver Westside?

Vancouver Westside features some of the best amenities and schools that the City of Vancouver has to offer. Whether you are an established professional, a young family looking for good schools or newly retired looking for a quiet neighbourhood inside the city, the community offers many strengths that would make you want to live in the area.

Looking to Downsize or Move Out of Vancouver Westside?

If you are thinking about downsizing or selling your Vancouver Westside property, now may be the time to explore a sale. Interest in Vancouver and especially Vancouver Westside remains high. Regardless of the day-to-day price action in the market, Vancouver Westside’s most attractive features continue to make it the neighbourhood where many people aspire to live in. There is a large pool of potential buyers who are out to buy a home and establish themselves in this neighbourhood. Speak with Amir today to learn how to fetch the best price for your home. Amir will take time to learn about your situation and will give you impartial advice on when and how to sell.

Amir is Your Trusted Vancouver Westside Realtor

If you are a prospective buyer, Amir can help you seek out for properties that fit your taste and price range. For a seller, he knows how to communicate these key features to ensure that you fetch the best price possible for your home.

Buying or selling a home is not an easy decision. Amir Miri is a Vancouver Westside realtor who knows the area well. His eye for detail and enthusiasm to help his clients is what sets him apart as the realtor of choice for the Vancouver Westside area. Don’t leave your future to just anyone. Entrust to an expert who not only knows and loves Vancouver but truly has a passion for matching home buyers to their perfect forever home.

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